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Home again


Since about Friday 13th of March 2020 the most unparalleled of all closures occurred in Victoria; all music, theater, comedy and all other public festivals were closed as well as national sport (and international sport) all banned in Victoria. I have never known such extreme measures.

And now here we are at home. It's Day 19 of self-isolation for us and we're getting into a routine. Each day, my big kid and I plan; cooking, gardening, art, 'big energy' tidy up and TV ideas.

We don't always do everything we've planned, but it gives us a loose structure to guide our day and helps us plan things to look forward to.

Our days are much calmer without the 'hurry up' of getting ready and trying to be at places on time. We can sleep in until 10 am or stay up late, enjoyed without consequence. I'm not wangling two kids through dressing, washing, toileting and trying to get them out the door. My stress levels are much lower. The baby doesn't have her naps interrupted, for me to get to places on time, so she is quite chipper.

I even manage more time to myself after the kids go to bed. This is every Parent’s Goal. It only took a global pandemic to get there!


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