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Thomastown Neighbourhood House

Thomastown Neighbourhood House is a Not-for-Profit organizsation which has the charitable purpose of advancing social and public welfare by:

  1. Providing benevolence and relief to disadvantaged individuals and families, including food relief;

  2. Advancing mental health and preventing social isolation, including by providing volunteer and training opportunities, advocacy through connection to social workers and support organisations and playgroups for parents and grandparents with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds; and

  3. Providing a physical location where it supports individuals to undertake activities, or work on projects, in the company of others to address isolation and loneliness, including wellness activities for elderly people, activities for people with a disability and language skill development activities for individuals with non-English speaking backgrounds.

Wellness Activities: addressing social isolation and loneliness

Thomastown Neighbourhood House is based at the Thomastown Library and Community Centre (52 Main St, Thomastown) and we provide a wide range of daily wellness activities in a safe and supportive environment.   Activities include: 'Community Craft Connections', 'Arabic Playgroup', 'Promisetown Playgroup', 'Little Diggers', 'All Seasons', 'Let's Move', 'Mindful Meditation' and 'Women's Painting Circle'.  Please visit the Wellness Activities page for further information.​

Food Relief: Project Us Foundation

We know times are hard and the price of everything has risen.  For some of us, it's becoming harder to provide fresh, nutritious food for our families.  TNH is working with Project Us to bring food relief to you.  Go to the Project Us Food Relief page and scan the QR code to sign up for a Halal Fresh Food Box comprising of fresh halal poultry and vegetables for pick up in Thomastown.

For a full list of Emergency Relief Services in The City of Whittlesea, please contact Thomastown Neighbourhood House directly. 

Commitment to Child Safety

TNH is a child-safe organisation. All children or young people who attend services, programs and events delivered by, and spaces managed by, TNH have the right to feel and be safe. We have zero tolerance of child abuse are committed to creating and maintaining a safe and empowering environment, where protecting children and preventing and responding to child abuse is embedded in our culture.

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