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300 Minutes of Exercise

27 July 2020-6 September 2020
Free Program

300 Minutes of Exercise is the amount of movement each adult is recommended to do in a week.  The good news is that it can be any kind of movement; walking, golfing, running, yoga, swimming or a combination of each activity.  The last six weeks of Winter is often difficult to get through, especially this year, when many of us have spent much time at home and not doing the exercise we would normally do.  Join the program, many activities can be done at home or in your surrounds without breaking lockdown rules and improving your physical and mental health.

If you have missed the start date of 27 July do not worry, sign up anyway and participate for a while; something is better than nothing.

What to expect

Sign up to get tips and tricks on how to move more.

300 Minutes of Exercise is a program run by Thomastown Neighbourhood House.  There will be no classes but you will monitor your own activity over this six weeks.  Each week you will be sent information about different types of exercise, where you can find it, and how it may be of benefit to you.  Sign up here


How we will help you to do this

Support from TNH

When you sign up for the program, 300 Minutes of Exercise, you will be given information about different ways you can keep track of your own activity.  You will be invited to join a closed Facebook Group, and you will know that once you have made the commitment others will be on this program with you.  We may not be able to have face to face contact but we will be encouraging you, supporting you and we always love to hear how you are going.

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