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About Thomastown Neighbourhood House

Thomastown Neighbourhood House works to engage with the community; advancing social and public welfare by providing support to the disadvantaged, advancing mental health and preventing social isolation and providing a safe and welcoming space with activities and events for the community.


The TNH wellness activities are provided at no cost to the community and are attended by up to 200 community members per week.  Activities such as ‘Let's Move' and 'All Seasons' provide young people with disabilities and the opportunity to engage in creative activities in a safe and supportive environment as well as providing respite to carers.   Our Playgroups are attended by social services such as 'Services Australia', 'First Steps' and City of Whittlesea Early Years Team, who provide valuable support to local multicultural families to build parenting capacity, financial capacity and stronger families.  Groups such as 'Friendship Cafe' and 'Women's Painting Circle' provide a safe space for women and people with mental illness or chronic illness and engagement through a shared creative activity.  And our free PRACE English Class celebrates the lived experiences of the participants from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and provides essential language skill development and conversations around contemporary Australian culture.

TNH is an active member of the Emergency Relief Network in the City of Whittlesea and played a vital role delivering food relief throughout Covid Lockdowns.  The TNH Volunteer Food Relief Team currently work with Project Us to distribute in Thomastown to financially disadvantaged families, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, the unemployed, people at risk of homelessness and people experiencing homelessness.  


TNH partners with Whittlesea Community Connections to bring their Community Help Clinic to Thomastown Library on a regular basis, which provides the local community with access to social workers and a one -on -one referral service.   Community members are also invited to attend a monthly morning tea with guest speaker sharing information on social support addressing sensitive topics like Family Violence, Breast Cancer, Gambling and Elder Abuse.   ​

Based at the Thomastown Library, TNH runs a Social Enterprise Coffee Cart MON- FRI 9am- 12pm and this is utlised by the diverse cross section of the community who attend TNH activities and the Thomastown Library. The coffee cart is staffed by a team of young people living with disabilities and TNH provides support for this team to develop a wide range of skills and support.


TNH Core Values

The core values that inform our work are;

  • Equity - we treat staff, volunteers and all community members with fairness and respect in accordance to their needs

  • Inclusiveness - we welcome all community members equally and provide an environment that is accessible for everyone

  • Engagement - we develop strong and meaningful connections with our community

  • Diversity - we recognise and value an individual's differences

  • Honesty and integrity - we act in an ethical manner

TNH Team


Liz Skitch


Stephanie Dallas- President

Gurneet Kay- Vice President

Vanessa Nitsos- Secretary

Raymond Rosales- Treasurer

Shauna Patterson- Board Member

Rajwant Lally - Board Member

Lea Thornton- Board Member


Andy, David, Alvin, Kirsten, Jordan & Emily 


Leah Peters


Playgroup & All Seasons- Caz Dunell

Women's Group- Annie Rossini

Little Diggers- Sandrine Downer

Chair Yoga- Naomi Elijah


Marinelli, Noamie (Kangan Institute)


Kim, Quyen, Annie, Debra (Stotts College)

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