Our Mission

“Thomastown Neighbourhood House works within a community development framework to create community engagement through activities, programs and volunteer opportunities.  Through our work we aim to celebrate and strengthen our local community and also provide benevolence and relief of disadvantage.”

Our Vision

“A sustainable community, celebrating diversity and providing opportunities for all.  To create an inclusive and welcoming environment by delivering social and educational programs and activities to the Thomastown community and members within the Whittlesea district.”

About Us

Thomastown Neighbourhood House (TNH) is an Incorporated Association operating within the City of Whittlesea.

We address community needs of Thomastown residents through community development programs. We bring people together to connect, learn and contribute in their local community through social, educational, recreational and support activities. 

The core values that inform our work are;

  • Equity - we treat staff, volunteers and all community members with fairness and respect in accordance to their needs

  • Inclusiveness - we welcome all community members equally and provide an environment that is accessible for everyone

  • Engagement - we develop strong and meaningful connections with our community

  • Diversity - we recognise and value an individual's differences

  • Honesty and integrity - we act in an ethical manner

Thomastown Neighbourhood House Team


Liz Skitch- Manager


Nessie Sayar- President

Gurneet Kay- Vice President

Stephanie Winther- Secretary

Raymond Rosales- Treasurer

Lena Gargano- Reddy- Board Member

Greta Hookey- Board Member

Ray Wyatt - Board Member

Judith Venables- Board Member


Coffee Cart




Promisetown Picnic Focus Group





Artist in Residence

Becky James

Community Development Officer

Gillian McCarrey