Food Relief

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Community Food Pantry

Open during lockdown for community members in need of #foodrelief

Thomastown Neighbourhood House (TNH) runs a ‘Free Food Pantry’ which is located in the foyer of the Thomastown Library (52 Main St, Thomastown) and is open during lockdown: Monday- Thursday 9am- 7pm, Friday 9am- 5pm and Saturday 10am- 5pm.  Please bring a bag and take what you need (pre packaged grocery items).   The TNH Food Relief efforts are supported by the City of Whittlesea Emergency Relief Fund.

Donations Welcome!


If you would like to make a donation of food to our 'Free Food Pantry', please drop it in the basket at the Pantry, located in the foyer of the Library.

Great things to donate are: cans of soup, tinned produce (tuna, beans, tomatoes), noodles, pasta, sugar, rice, muesli bars and snacks or fresh fruits from the garden.  Products like laundry liquid, dish washing detergent, soaps, sanitiser and tampons and pads are also welcome.

We accept all donations except for food that: needs refrigeration, is past its used by date or has been opened.   If you are interested in supporting the Food Relief Effort by setting up a collection point, please get in with Thomastown Neighbourhood House.

Thomastown Neighbourhood House would also like to thank Bundoora Rotary Club, Palomba Antipasti and Bunnings Thomastown for their generous donations that have helped to keeping the Food Pantry stocked.

If you need further information, please get in touch via email or call Liz at Thomastown Neighbourhood House: 0488 224 439 (On Mon, Tue, Thu or Fri).