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Wellness Activities

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Community Craft Connections

Mondays 9am- 12pm

Community Craft Connections is a warm group of older women from diverse cultural backgrounds who support one another, share skills in knitting and crochet, share English conversation, cake, make and donate.

Where: Thomastown Library, Lounge Area

When: Mondays 9am- 12pm

Dates: Running weekly during the school terms

Activities: Crochet, knitting, conversation, make and donate projects

Cost: Free

Further Info: 0488 224 439 or

Arabic Playgroup

Mondays 10am- 12pm

Join Zara from Jeeran Community Services for weekly Arabic Playgroup, where games, stories and songs are shared in Arabic language. Mothers are given the opportunity to develop parenting skills and knowledge in Australia's Early Childhood Education Sector (Free 3 Year Old Kindergarten program).  

Where: Thomastown Library, Courtyard and Woodlands Area

When: Mondays 10am- 12pm

Dates: Running weekly during the school terms

Activities: Free Play and playgroup activities

Cost: Free

Further Info: Bookings essential through Zara 0433 545 888

Let's Move

Mondays 1pm- 2pm

Let's Move provides young adults with disabilities with the opportunity to engage in gentle movement to music in a safe and supportive environment as well as providing respite to carers.  Let's Move is also available to older participants living with limited mobility or chronic pain.

Where: TRAC Fitness Room

When: Mondays 1pm- 2pm

Dates: Running weekly during the school terms

Activities: Relaxation, gentle stretching, movement

Cost: Free

Further Info: 0488 224 439 or

All Seasons 

Tuesdays 10am- 12pm

All Seasons provides young adults living with disabilities and their friends, family and carers, with the opportunity to garden, craft, recycle, be creative and connect nature in a supportive setting.

Where: Thomastown Library- Maker Space

When: Tuesdays 10am- 12pm

Who: For young adults with disabilities and carers

Dates: Running weekly during the school terms

Activities: Nature Craft, gardening, recycling and listening to music 

Cost: Free

Further Info: 0488 224 439 or

Everyday English 

Tuesdays 10am- 1pm

PRACE's Free Everyday English Class celebrates the lived experiences of the participants from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and provides essential language skill development and conversations around contemporary Australian culture.

Where: TNH Room- Thomastown Library

When: Tuesdays 10am- 1pm

Eligibility:  Participants require bridging Visas E & F, Temporary Protection Visa, SHEV or Permanent Residency

Dates: 30th Jan- 15th December

Activities: English Conversation, Grammar, Reading and Writing

Cost: Free

Registrations and Further information: please call PRACE on 9462 6077 or email

Mindful Meditation

Wednesdays 10am- 11am

Mindful Meditation provides our ageing community members with limited mobility or living with chronic pain, the opportunity to experience a gentle guided meditation in a safe and supportive space.  Please note, this class is also suitable for people living with disabilities or anyone experiencing depression, social isolation or loneliness.   

Where: TNH Room, Thomastown Library

When: Wednesdays 10.00am- 11.00am

Dates: Running weekly during the school terms.

Cost: Free

Activities: Enjoy a relaxing and well supported, guided meditation 

Movement:  Please note, you will be seated on chairs or can choose to sit on the ground, whatever suits your ability. 

Further Info: 0488 224 439 or

Friendship Cafe

11am- 12pm

Following Mindful Meditation, join fellow community members to connect over a cup of coffee.  Friendship Cafe provides a supportive environment for community members who might be experiencing depression, lonliness or social isolation.   

Where: Coffee Lounge, Thomastown Library

When: Wednesdays 11.00am- 12pm

Dates: Running weekly during the school terms.

Cost: Free

Activities: Coffee, conversation and mindful creative activities (optional)

Further Info: 0488 224 439 or

Promisetown Playgroup 

Thursdays 10am- 12pm

Promisetown Playgroup provides a safe space for women and children to play, grow and learn.  Enjoy making new friends in this diverse group where multiculturalism is celebrated and many languages are spoken.  Families from across the City of Whittlesea travel to attend this unique playgroup where friendships are forged and our local community is strengthened.  Parents and Grandparents can access social services such as 'Services Australia', 'First Steps', 'Orange Door' and City of Whittlesea Early Years Team, who provide valuable support to local multicultural families to build parenting capacity, financial capacity and stronger families. 

Where: Thomastown Library

On warm and dry days: Library Courtyard (outside)

On cold or wet days: Children's Area (inside)

When: 10.00am- 12.00pm

Dates:  Running weekly during the school terms

Activities: Free Play, Children's Songs and make new friends!

Cost: Free

Further Info: 0488 224 439 or

Little Diggers

Thursdays 3.30pm- 5pm

'Little Diggers' invites local families to gather, play and grow together.  Each week, Little Diggers provides creative craft activities and movement based games for children (eg: hide and seek, duck- duck- goose, grandmothers footsteps, charades etc.) in the safe space of the Library, Library Courtyard and Woodlands Area.  Parents and grandparents of many different cultures are provided with the chance to connect while the TNH volunteer team keep the kids off their screens and encourage creative play.  

Please note, children must be accompanied by a carer (16+)


Where: Thomastown Library- Maker Space & Courtyard

When: Thursdays 3.30pm- 5pm

Dates: Running weekly during the school terms

Activities: Art Play, Fairy Gardens & Games!

Cost: Free

Further Info: 0488 224 439 or

Poppy Painting.JPG

Women's Painting Circle

Fridays 11.30am- 1pm

Our Women's Painting Circle' provides a safe space for women to support women, through a shared creative activity.  Lead by visual artist Annie, our Women's Circle is a chance to sit in a creative space, talk and participate in painting and creative activities for self reflection and healing.  Women's Circle is also recommended for women who might be experiencing mental health challenges, social isolation or loneliness.  Please consult with a TNH team member if you feel unsafe at home or if you need social support.

Dates: Running Weekly during school terms

Where:  Thomastown Library, Children's Area

When: Every Friday, 11am- 12.30pm

Cost: Free

Further Info: 0488 224 439 or

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