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A book is a place you can go when you can't go anywhere

These are strange times. This new normal is pushing us all out of our comfort zone. At TNH the staff are working from home, which is a strange thing in itself as neighbourhood houses are all about connection and enabling us to be our best together. We may be working from home but we are still at the end of a phone line, can respond to emails and are engaging with our community in a more virtual way through social media.

One of the ways we connect best, and mostly strongly, with each other is when we have a better understanding of each other's experience. At the moment there are many people who are feeling fearful of the unknown, fearful of what may happen to them and their communities. This blog is an opportunity for us to have a better understanding of what we are thinking about, how we think we might manage, what we think we might do and some lighter moments of all the good things that will come from this.

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