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Being alone, is no joke.

Stage 3 restrictions are beginning this week in Victoria and for the next 4 weeks. There's a $1600 (approx.) on the spot fine for breaching them. This stage further limits the number of people that can gather at any one time. Police are enforcing this rule.

We are allowed to only: get medical care, go to work, exercise and buy necessary items.

This public “Lock Down” sounds straightforward but it's not.

All public gatherings now capped at two people.

The rules around how many people can gather this has dropped down to two people. If you are a household of two then you cannot have anyone visit? But if you have more than two people in your house then you can have 2 people visit? If you live alone you may have one visitor, but physical distancing rule of 1.5-meter applies. Exercise outdoors is still allowed but not in a group and no more than two people at a time (keeping their distance). But meeting a friend and getting a coffee together . . .. if you can keep 1.5-meter distance or if you go for a walk maybe … this is confusing. It's much easier just to stay at home and video chat.

Meanwhile ScoMo has announced people can only leave their homes to buy essentials, such as food, medicine and jigsaw puzzles?

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