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Good Morning

This morning, my big kid and I wake up to a video message from a friend and her kid. They are making pancakes and singing a song.

We watch this short video a couple of times, write a message back and then decide to make our own pancakes. We video ourselves singing a song while we cook the pancakes and send it back to our friends to watch.

Is this the new social interaction? These short video clip apps are trending now …everything from Adobe Spark to TikTok to FilmoraGo (wondershare), Canva and more. I feel fortunate to live in such a highly digital era. However, I wonder what this impact will have on our children; when they don't have peers to play with, when they eventually return to be (physically) with other people, to hear and talk to in 'real time', be able to relate to others in the same room.

It's being said we will need to self-isolate or remain socially distant for six months.


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