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Home Today, no Library, no Museum

My kids’ dad and I have decided to self-isolate the kids as much as possible. Their dad is still working, so days like today I pick up my big kid and bring him to my house until his dad has finished work.

I have been wondering about the impact Covid19 pandemic is having on kids. My big kid's world is suddenly askew: no day-care, no park, no play with friends, no storytime session at the library, no camping trips, no Museum or Scienceworks, no going to the shops. His world is now my house and his dad's house.

When I dropped him at his dad's last week, the first thing my big kid says to his dad is "Scienceworks and the dinosaur museum are closed because of the big sick". We have named Covid19 as 'the big sick'.

It feels like there is such a loss of place and connection to community. I have tried to replicate some of that in digital ways: video chats with friends, looking at their photos... but it's not the same.

Today my big kid builds a very elaborate playground with Lego. My heart breaks just a little.

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