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How are you today?

Feeling grumpy today. Pandemics are totally exhausting. And I'm not a medical worker struggling through the coalface of this. I'm not a Cashier getting abused about toilet paper or limits on jars of pasta sauce. I'm not an Educator getting coughed or sneezed on by kids. I'm a single mum at home, far more often than I would normally with two kids. This Covid-19 Pandemic sure puts the "stay at home" in "stay at home parent".

There's no road-map for dealing with a Pandemic. You do it just by doing it. You make a big job easy by turning it into little jobs.

There are over 1 million confirmed cases of Covid-19 worldwide now. That’s known positive cases. Of course, the actual number would be much higher; for any number of reasons; because there would be people who cannot access testing (due to geographical challenges or cost), some people would be asymptomatic and not realise they have it, there's a shortage of tests … the list goes on.

So, while I'm listening to the "PAW Patrol" theme song for the millionth time today, and am wondering why the house never stays anywhere near clean, just how many snacks can a three-year-old demand in a day? I realise I need a better coping mechanism than eating ice-cream. I tell myself that staying home is supporting those people who are still working. Keeping my kids home from the Child-Day Care Centre is supporting the families who need to keep using Day-Care. Every face to face social interaction avoided helps everyone.


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