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Its the Little Things


It's so easy to forget. It's so easy to forget that we- the whole world- is in the grips of a deadly pandemic. I get lost in the everyday routine of parenting. Feeding, washing, cooking, tidying, playing, cuddling on a perpetual cycle.

But then I look at my phone and stage 3 restrictions are extended for another month. The infection and death toll are rising. Schools are moving mostly online from this week. Gloves and masks are now commonplace wear for supermarket shopping. The government is offering massive financial bailouts. I am driving to an appointment at RCH and see billboards saying to "go home" (amusingly right next to the 24 hour Kmart!). RCH's health screening protocol has tightened since I was there just two weeks ago. Looking overseas, there's field hospitals in New York's Central Park and mass graves being dug.

And then I put down my phone, and my big kid asks if we can buy a pasta machine and the baby is laughing at washing flapping on the clothesline and everything is just so normal. I know how privileged I am that this is the extent of how covid19 is affecting me right now.

It's an incredibly normal life being lived in an incredibly abnormal situation.

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