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Out and About Today

Today I have an appointment at the Royal Children's Hospital for my baby. It's the first time in two weeks I have gone somewhere other than doctor, supermarket, chemist or my kids' dad's house.

Sydney Road, normally an epicenter of activity, is reasonably quiet. Many of the people walking or waiting for public transport are wearing masks.

When we arrive at RCH, I am asked whether my baby or myself have any Covid-19 like symptoms and our temperature is taken before we can get to reception.

I am feeling well, however I still wear my mask. The recent advice is to presume that you have it and you're asymptomatic. The seating in the waiting room is set up in pairs, with each pair of seats 1.5m away from the others.

Only one person per patient is allowed to attend appointments and specifically no siblings are permitted. Children are thought to be carriers of Covid-19, though not many show symptoms. My big kid is at his dad's house.

The appointment takes place over two rooms to minimise the time the nurse, the sonographer, the orthopaedic doctor and myself spend in the room together. When we are in the room together, everyone is 1.5m apart. It looks somewhat comedic.

I am told to make a follow up appointment in ten weeks, but it's tentative because of "everything that's going on". I hear this phrase many times today.

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