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The Thomastown Crier

This is the second edition of our newly minted newsletter. The aim of the newsletter to get local news about the 3074 postcode out into the community and to allow business to advertise at a very low cost. The Thomastown Crier is currently only two sides of an A 4 sheet, but from little things big things grow, and TNH has large plans for this little street rag. We would like to see a hard copy of each monthly edition delivered to each house in the 3074 postcode.

If you want to contribute to the writing of the paper then please contact us. If you want to advertise your event or organisation then please contact us. If you want to advertise your business at a very low cost then contact us. If you want to assist with our vision of a hardcopy paper being delivered to each home in 3074 then please contact us. We need volunteer editors, proof readers, design people, writers and contact people. And maybe even walkers to do the delivery. If any of these volunteer roles interests you please contact me.

Thomastown Crier 2 V3 (1)
Download PDF • 2.32MB

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